Instructions for Authors

Guidelines for oral presentations

The conference room will be equipped with a PC and an LCD projector for Powerpoint or PDF presentations. You will not be using your own computer for the presentation. Please, do not rely on having internet access available during your talk.

All presenters are required to upload the presentation material to the respective PC early enough, usually at least one session in advance. You need to bring a copy of your presentation on CD or USB drive. A technician specifically designated to receive oral presentations will assist you at the speakers’ room.

If your presentation needs to insert additional files (e.g., a video file embedded in your PowerPoint presentation), please make sure with the technician that these files work properly and are available for transfer as well.

Speakers in will be allocated a maximum of 15 minutes in total for their presentation that include:

  • A brief introduction of the presenter by the session chairperson
  • The body of the presentation, maximum 10 minutes.
  • A brief Question and Answer session.
  • A brief change over of presenters.

Please gauge the length of your presentation according to your allocated time. Chairmen will inform you when you are within a few minutes of the end of your allocated time, and will be instructed to cut-off speakers who run over time.

Submssion is closed!

Submission Instructions

Authors are invited to submit papers up to 8 pages in length, according to the IEEE conference proceedings format as set by the IEEEtran package for Latex (download here). Papers should be formatted for A4 paper, two columns and 10 point typeface. If using other document formatting tool, please format it as close as possible to this sample paper (PDFMS-Word).


All accepted papers will be published in proceedings with ISBN and indexed by Google Scholar. Furthermore the proceedings will be available online on the conference website starting from January 2012.